Spending holidays in Village 27.8.10

Silent and Peaceful.

Artist: James Roper 26.3.10

Full of Imagination! :)

Frenzian 23.3.10

The theme of this post is still Wonderland. :D
(okay... final one lol)

And for the next blog post would be involved Design (i.e. layout, fashion, cosmetic)
(if I can found some inferences:) )

I made it in spare time.

Snapshots From Frenzy 22.3.10

Did you read this issue of Frenzy Magazine?
If you haven't, please link here:

This theme is Spring Wonderland.
While you watched Alice Wonderland, some characters will impress you a lot.

Modelling : by Misselle

Ordinary Girl 18.3.10


"Just A Ordinary Girl"
She described herself, but what she created is original.